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Group Info Group Founded 4 Years ago Statistics 72 Members
4,249 Pageviews75 Watchers

Gallery Folders

The Guilty Remnant Cosplay by Dax79
Isaac Clarke Cosplay Dead Space 2 by Dax79
I'm Not Arresting You Anymore by Dax79
Original Casual Miku-3 by Yukikaze-Creations
Matryoshka by DJHoneybee
2 Matryoshkas having fun by DJHoneybee
3 little matryoshkas by DJHoneybee
One on One by Dax79
Combat Evolved 10 by EvieE-Cosplay
Hooah by Dax79
I See You by Dax79
Merida of Clan DunBroch by EvieE-Cosplay
In the Shadows by EvieE-Cosplay
Disney Fairies: Periwinkle I by Mokuyo
I was Never Afraid of the Dark by EvieE-Cosplay
Iron Man MK1 Cosplay WIP by Dax79
Captain America and Thor Cosplay by jronk13
Captain America and Wolverine Cosplay by jronk13
Captain America Cosplay by jronk13
Resident Evil
Back to the 90s by Heitha
Anime Boston 2013 - Leon and Ada 1 by VideoGameStupid
Anime Boston 2013 - Chris Redfield 1 by VideoGameStupid
Anime Boston 2013 - Nemesis and Deadlipop Chainsaw by VideoGameStupid
Weird Girl by Heitha
Edward and Kim by Heitha
Weird Girl and Mr. Whiskers by Heitha
Wherever she is by Heitha
Mimikiyu Cosplay update 1 by Froodals
Mimikyuu Cosplay dress by Froodals
Sableye Kigurumi by DJHoneybee
Affection Hearts  4 by EvieE-Cosplay

Mature Content

Stella's Zombie Make-up (8) by ContortedCosplay

Mature Content

Zombiewalk03 by ContortedCosplay
Silent Hill
Room 312 by Dax79
Welcome to.... MCM? by Dax79
James Sunderland on the attack by Dax79
Pyramid Head - helmet and neck brace - revisited by Dax79
Tim Burton
Human Cheshire cat by xwickedgames
Final Fantasy
Magic! by LadyDaniela89
Lollipop Chainsaw
Anime Boston 2013 - Zed by VideoGameStupid
Other Games
BOOP by Lord-Azeran
Other Films
Qarth by EvieE-Cosplay
Other Anime
Uta - Tokyo Ghoul by ShifuXXI
Full Metal Alchemist
Last breath of my lover by laylakurai
Dragon Ball Z
Gohan, warrior Z 11 by LarsVanDrake
Devil May Cry
Anime Boston 2013 - Dante by VideoGameStupid
Alexander Anderson by YaminiZouren-Photos
Metal Gear Solid
Old Snake-advancing by Yukikaze-Creations
A Hero Can Save Us by ShinraiFaith
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Misato Katsuragi by Kaoru27Umi
Leon Gun Box by Dax79
DEADSPACE Helmet W.I.P by Dax79
Star Trek
Seven of Nine body paint 13 by shelle-chii
Madness of Alice
Madness Returns... by RoxiiCosplay
Anime Boston 2013 - Tannis by VideoGameStupid
cowboy bebop
Radical Ed by shelle-chii
Adventure Time
Napoli Comicon 2013 52 by LarsVanDrake
Just Cosplay
The Mangle by Lord-Azeran
Death Note
Finished L Cosplay by GoodDokCosplay
Group Shots
Small and Cute Edward! XD by RoxiiCosplay
World Of War Craft
Red and Gold - Paladin - World of Warcraft by KamuiCosplay
Black Butler
Anime Boston 2013 - Sergei Dragunov 1 by VideoGameStupid
Black Lagoon
Flexin' Revy by Foofumz
Freeze! by Dax79
Dead Space - Plasma Cutter by Dax79

Group Info

This group is all about cosplay, role-play, or just looking like the adams family. Anyone who can follow these rules may join:

Please place all photos in the correct folder. Featured Folder will contain the best of the subfolders!!

:bulletblue: ANY Anime Cosplay
:bulletblue: ANY Comic Cosplay
:bulletblue: ANY Game Cosplay
:bulletblue: ANY Movie Cosplay
:bulletblue: ANY Original Character Cosplay

For any question / folder request, please comment here or send a note to the admin.
Founded 4 Years ago
May 5, 2013


Group Focus
Cosplay Roleplay Dressup

72 Members
75 Watchers
4,249 Pageviews
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Please could you help! Just reply to the questions!

1.    Name
2.    Age
3.    Gender
4.    Location
5.    Do you consider yourself a Cosplayer, costume Designer or spectator?
6.    How many years have you been doing this?
7.    What do you do for a living outside cosplay /costume design?
8.    How many Costumes have you built so far?
9.    On average how long does it take you to make each costume?
10.   How many conventions have you attended?
11.   How many of them in costume?
12.   Why do you do it?
13.   How many masquerades, competitions have you entered?
14.   How many have you won an award in?
15.   How much does an average costume cost you?
16.   How much would you be willing to spend?
17.   What are you major influences? (Anime, Manga, Film etc.)
18.   Do you have a specific style when choosing your costume? (Steampunk, Crossplay etc.)
19.   Which cosplayer do you look up to and who inspires you?
20.   Do you use cosplay as a spring board to get into other industries as a career?
21.   What would be your dream costume to build?
22.   Regarding your dream costume have you made it? Will you ever make it? If not, why not?
23.   What do your friends, family, co-workers think of you cosplaying?
Would you be interested in putting your views forward for a new Cosplay documentary? Do you know anyone with a unique story? Have you ever won a masquerade? Want to be in a film?

If your interested contact me! Dax79.

We're aiming to have the film ready for next years film festivals!
:iconrainbowbunchieplz:  :iconrainbowbunchieplz: :iconrainbowbunchieplz:

Okay guys, the contest is over! The people who won are:

❀ shelle-chii with 23 deviations!

❀ dax79 with 18 deviations!

❀ contortedcosplay… with 15 deviations !
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